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Not all divorces have to be adversarial and contentious. Whether your divorce is simple or involves a high-value estate, mediation or an informal settlement can resolve many cases. Our team can help couples work together to resolve their disputes out of court.

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Creative Solutions for Your Amicable Divorce

Many of the child custody and divorce cases we handle are resolved by agreement. Spouses can often work together to resolve disputes with our help. The divorce process causes enough emotional strain without the unnecessary mindset of being “at war” with each other. Here are some of the benefits this approach can have:

Better for the Children. As divorce lawyers, we have seen time and again how a contested divorce case can negatively affect children. Reaching an agreement – even if it means compromising – can often cut down on the children being “put in the middle” of a contentious divorce.

More Control Over the Outcome. When spouses reach an agreement in their divorce and custody cases, they maintain complete control over the outcome of their case. Reaching an agreement also allows the spouses to find a more creative solution of the problems their family faces.

More Efficient and Cost-Effective. In addition to being emotionally stressful, going through a contested divorce is a strain on finances and often takes much longer. Working with your spouse to reach an agreement can result in a faster, smoother, and more affordable divorce.

Increased Privacy. When divorces are contested, there is an increased risk of private matters being litigated in a public, open courtroom. We develop customized solutions to minimize risk and avoid the public airing of “dirty laundry.”

For more information on the formal process used to reach an agreement, see our Mediation and Collaborative Law pages. We hold the knowledge and skills to resolve your amicable divorce. Our firm works to ensure that your uncontested divorce occurs smoothly – avoiding delays and mistakes that can derail a friendly divorce.

divorce attorney Austin, TX
divorce lawyer Austin, TX
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