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Whether you have an emergency involving a missing child or you have concerns about the risk of abduction in the future, our experienced attorneys can act quickly and give you the advice you need. We know that time is of the essence.

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Preventing Parental Kidnapping

In some cases, there can be a legitimate fear that one parent will disappear with the child. Although parental kidnapping is rare, there can be warning signs. For example, one parent may have violated court orders in the past or may have strong family connections in another state or country. The existence of family violence may also be a risk factor. In these cases, it is important to assess whether a risk of abduction exists.

When there is a risk present, Texas family law allows a court to put protective measures in place. An important step is to get a written child custody order in place. A written court order will set out detailed rules about when each parent has possession of the child. The order can require, for example, that all visitation be supervised by a professional in a secure setting. The order can give one parent possession of the child’s passport. The court can also put financial deterrents in place, such as requiring the posting of a bond.

If you have concerns about parental kidnapping, our attorneys can work with you to assess the risk and advise you about options that may be available in your case.

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When Parental Kidnapping Happens

When parental abduction happens, there are steps that should be taken quickly. First, a judge can sign an emergency order that gives law enforcement the power to find and return the child. The court can conduct a hearing and put other protective measures in place, such as supervised visitation. If there is already a court order in place, the court can also have an enforcement hearing.
These cases often require help from other government agencies, such as the police or Child Protective Services. There are laws in Texas that make it a crime to interfere with another parent’s rights to a child, and the police may be able to offer help that a private attorney cannot. When international abduction is involved, it may be necessary to work with federal authorities.
When abduction occurs, parents often are forced to hire an attorney to advocate for them in this complicated system. In selecting an attorney, a concerned parent should seek a professional with experience in this area. Parental abduction is no time for learning on the job.
The attorneys at Thompson Salinas Londergan LLP have many years of experience preventing child abductions and securing the return of children who have been kidnapped. Contact us for a customized consultation.
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