Family Violence and Protective Orders

Whether you have already left an abusive relationship or need a plan to safely leave, our attorneys are here to listen and to help.

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Central Texas Lawyers Who Understand the Dynamics of Family Violence

Our attorneys understand that domestic violence has many aspects. There can be physical and sexual violence of many kinds. We also understand that the physical violence is often accompanied by psychological harm. Abusers often exert financial control over a victim, and an abuser can interfere with relationship with family and friends. Family violence can have a devastating effect on children and present severe safety risks for extended family.

divorce attorney Austin, TX
divorce lawyer Austin, TX

Our attorneys understand that making the decision to leave an abusive relationship can heighten these dynamics and create new problems as an abuser loses control. This can result in threats of a custody battle, loss of financial resources, and using the legal system as another tool of abuse.


If you have concerns, our attorneys can guide you through the decision to leave this relationship.


Protective Orders

Texas law allows a court to issue an order called a “Protective Order” when family violence is present. The idea behind a protective order is to require an abusive partner or spouse to stay away from a person who has been a victim of family violence. Protective Orders can also protect family members and children. A violation of a protective order is a crime and allows the police to arrest a person who violates a protective order. This can be a more immediate remedy than having a private lawyer file a custody suit or obtain a restraining order in a divorce.

Family Violence in a Texas Divorce

When family violence is present, it can affect many aspects of a divorce and child custody suit. It can affect property division and can permit an award of spousal support if certain criminal charges exist against the abuser. [*spousal support]. The law also requires a court to take family violence into consideration when making child custody and visitation orders. Texas law requires a safe and non-violent home for all children.

Our attorneys understand the dynamics of a violent relationship and can guide you through the legal options available in your case.

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