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Your divorce case may be an uncontested one, or it may involve contested child custody or a complex property division. Our experienced team of Austin Divorce Lawyers stands ready to serve your individual needs and assist you in reaching a resolution.

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Divorce in Texas

When a marriage ends, each couple must go through the legal process of getting a divorce. After many years of helping clients through this process, we know that each family has its own needs and deserves its own solution. Some divorces involve complicated property issues, while others may involve a parent with severe mental illness. Regardless of the issues involved, every divorce in Texas goes through a similar legal process. Here are some steps you can expect in most divorces:

Start the Divorce Process. A divorce starts by one spouse filing a petition for divorce with the court. This is usually a simple document that requests a divorce, property division, and provisions for child custody. Texas has a 60-day waiting period to get a divorce, and filing the petition starts the 60-day clock.

Address Temporary Issues. Divorce cases can take many months to finish. You and your spouse may need temporary court orders to address issues such as visitation, child support, and paying bills during the divorce process. The court may also appoint a neutral third party to assist the court, such as a person to evaluate child custody issues.

Gather Information about Property and the Children. To properly finish a divorce, the spouses usually need to gather information about property and child-related issues. The idea behind gathering this information is to get a full picture of all issues in the divorce. This can include getting a value for marital assets, such as a house or a business. This information may be gathered through a formal process we call discovery or through more informal means.

Settle or Litigate the Divorce. Most divorces in Texas are uncontested divorces, meaning that the parties reach an agreement. An agreement can be reached through the formal process of mediation or informally between the parties and their lawyers. When parties are unable to reach an agreement, a judge will be the person to decide the outcome of the divorce.

Sign the Final Decree of Divorce. Every divorce ends the same way – by a judge signing a Final Decree of Divorce. This document formally grants the divorce and divides all property and debts. And, if children are involved, the decree will include child custody provisions.

Here at Thompson Salinas Londergan, we understand the divorce process can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. We have an experienced Texas family law team to help you navigate each step of the divorce.

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divorce attorney Austin, TX
divorce lawyer Austin, TX

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