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Whether you will need extra financial support after divorce or wonder whether you will have to pay support to your spouse, our attorneys are here to answers your questions.

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Spousal Support in Texas

The purpose of spousal support in Texas is to provide extra financial support following divorce. Spousal support must be ordered at the time of divorce and, in most cases, has a limited duration. The spouse seeking support must show that there is not enough property to meet his or her “minimum reasonable needs.” Spousal support is not available in every divorce. Texas law only allows spousal support for marriages of at least ten years, where a child or spouse has a disability, or where one spouse has certain criminal charges relating to family violence. [*family violence].

divorce attorney Austin, TX
divorce lawyer Austin, TX

An important part of requesting or opposing spousal support is the preparation of your case. Whether spousal support is appropriate in your case will depend on the facts: How old are the spouses and what are their respective work backgrounds? How much property is there? What is each spouse’s monthly budget and current income? What is the nature of a spouse or child’s disability?

Our attorneys understand the detailed preparation and assessment that must be done in a spousal support case. We are ready to discuss whether spousal support is appropriate in your divorce.

Agreeing to Contractual Alimony

Even though the law may limit who can request support from a court, Texas law permits spouses to enter a voluntarily agreement for support.  We sometimes call these agreements “contractual alimony” or “contractual support.” Texas law encourages parties to a divorce to reach agreements. In some uncontested divorces, contractual alimony can be an important component of a settlement [*uncontested divorce]. This is a good option for a spouse who needs temporary financial assistance until he or she can secure employment or sell an asset.

Our attorneys have experience with these types of agreements and can work to ensure that they are enforceable and clearly stated in the agreement.

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