Child Custody Across State Lines

Child custody cases across state lines are often high-conflict. and high-stakes. Timing is critical. Our team has the knowledge and experience to address these complicated cases.

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Family law cases involving parents living in different states are becoming more common. People move for various reasons, such as employment opportunities or to be close to family. Simple divorces or child custody suits can become complex and contentious if one of the parents or a child has lived in a different state. These cases, called “interstate cases,” are very technical, legally complex, and usually, “Winner-Takes-All.”

Timing can also be critical. Waiting too long to address an interstate custody case can affect where the case takes place. If you have an interstate custody case, you should contact a lawyer immediately.

divorce attorney Austin, TX
divorce lawyer Austin, TX

Understanding Interstate Custody Law

Every state in the U.S. has adopted uniform laws that tell us which state should decide a child custody or child support case. These laws -- the “UCCJEA” for custody cases and the “UIFSA” for child support -- help prevent a court in one state from second-guessing a decision already made by another state. These laws also help discourage parents from taking the children to a state they view as more favorable. Whether Texas has the power to make a child custody decision will depend on specific facts, such as how long the child has been in Texas.
If you are involved in an interstate custody case, you need a lawyer who understands these applicable laws. Our team of family lawyers has handled a wide range of move-away and multi-state cases in central Texas and can help you navigate this area of the law.
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