Arbitration can provide an out-of-court resolution to your contested case. Whether there is a disagreement over property or child custody issues, our team of attorneys can help you determine is arbitration is right for your case.

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How Arbitration Works in Family Law

Texas law allows parties in family law cases to agree to participate in “Arbitration.” In this process, the parties and their attorneys mutually choose an arbitrator. The parties submit their disputes to the arbitrator in a private out-of-court setting. And, like a judge would do in court, the arbitrator then decides the outcome of the dispute. The arbitrator can decide an entire divorce case or more limited issues, such as the amount of child support a parent should pay. Unlike mediation where the parties decide the outcome by mutual agreement, an arbitration decision is solely in the hands of the arbitrator.

Our attorneys have experience helping clients decide whether arbitration is appropriate for their case and representing clients during the arbitration process.

divorce attorney Austin, TX
divorce lawyer Austin, TX

Why Choose Arbitration?

In our experience, the arbitration process offers some advantages over litigated divorce. Arbitration occurs in a private, out-of-court setting, which we find many clients prefer. Arbitration allows the parties to select their arbitrator of choice. While this does not guarantee a favorable outcome, it allows the parties to evaluate who is most qualified to hear their case. Arbitration can also be more efficient and cost effective than going to court. The parties have better control over the process, and some issues can be resolved by a process as simple as submitting a letter to the arbitrator.

Our attorneys are eager to help you learn more about arbitration and the best approach to resolving your family law case.

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