Sheminith Noonan

Litigation Assistant

Shemmy is a Connecticut native but has been calling Austin her home for almost 3 years. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Hollins University, she moved on to obtain an Associate’s Degree in Legal Studies from Post University. There, she discovered her love for family law and enrolled in a mediator certification program at Quinnipiac University. Shortly after receiving her Connecticut Mediator Certification, she began working with a family mediator and saw first-hand how a mediator can see the solutions in the most complicated issues while bringing light to people’s darkest moments. This is a skill she hopes to acquire and perfect. After spending her most of her life in Connecticut as a bar manager, educator and personal trainer she finally found her calling. In 2017, Shemmy moved to Austin to pursue a career in family law. After 2 years of working in the personal injury sector, she ultimately found a firm that shares her ideals and passion for dispute resolution. Her goal is to eventually become a Certified Texas Mediator, and a Justice of the Peace.

Shemmy is an energetic and deeply empathetic individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and an appetite for knowledge. In her spare time, she is either in the gym, checking out a new restaurant or working on the latest wood working project or painting but most of the time she is with her beloved dog Moose doing her best to keep him out of trouble.


  • Bachelors in Liberal Arts
  • Associates in Legal Studies
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • Certified Connecticut Mediator
Approachable. Informative. Supportive.

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