Many people relish the support and guidance that a grandparent can provide when it comes to raising children. Unfortunately, sometimes parents exclude the grandparents from involvement with their children. In Texas, grandparents have no inherent rights to visit their grandchildren or make decisions for them. However, Texas law does allow for grandparents to obtain rights from a judge under a variety of circumstances. Depending on the case, a grandparent can seek rights to visitation, custody, or even adoption. Our family law attorneys represent grandparents seeking to establish these rights.

Visitation rights for grandparents:

When parents are unable to care for their children, often they turn to their parents for help. When the Department of Family and Protective Services (often referred to as “CPS”) becomes involved, a confidential series of legal processes begin.

It can be frustrating to be the caregiver of your grandchild during a CPS case. Often you do not have access to important information, and you feel left in the dark. Some grandparents choose to file for custody (or “intervene”) in the CPS case. Our family law attorneys have experience advocating for grandparents who are trying to what is best for their grandchildren.

Grandparent Access:

In some cases, grandparents can seek and obtain rights to visit their grandchildren. A common scenario involves a grandparent whose child is in prison or has passed away, but is not allowed visits of the grandchild by the other parent.

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